Aggregate (Stone Products)

The aggregate produced at Mitchells Quarry is a diabase or traprock material with a specific gravity of over 3.0. The aggregate is the highest quality stone mined in Virginia. Asphalt aggregate produced at our Mitchells Quarry meets all VDOT non polishing requirements, Superpave and SMA specifications and is approved for VDOT, FAA and FHWA asphalt mixes.

Asphalt aggregate products available include:

  • VA #8’s
  • VA #78’s
  • VA #57’s
  • VA #5’s
  • VA #10’s

Clean Stone produced at Mitchells meets all ASTM, AASHTO and VDOT specifications. Low absorption and high strength provide characteristics beneficial as aggregate for precast and ready mix concrete.

Cedar Mountain’s Base Stone Products meet all VDOT, FAA and FHWA specifications and when properly installed will provide a stable road base virtually impermeable by water. Base Stone products produced by Cedar Mountain include:

  • VA 21A
  • VA 21B
  • CBR 30
  • FAA-P 209
  • VA #26
  • FAA-P 304
  • 4% CTA
  • 7% CTA